Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Uncertainity of Life!!!

Life is a greatest illusion of god's creation. I wonder why god created humans, For instance , like me. My life has been terrible. I would prefer death than this life if i were to choose but alas! it is not in our hands to get control over god's creation. We say life is too short, But Life can be long too, for those whose life is in turmoil. We never know what is going to happen with us in these short periods. Life is uncertain and Death inevitable.. We must not let time pass away. Do whatever what you can when you are alive for you will regret on your death bed.

Be kind, Be tolerable, Be everything you can until and unless you don't hurt a heart. Take death as an example and clear the path you will need to go one day.
We should never forget that GOD exists!!

                                       LIFE IS NOT CERTAIN!!!   DEATH IS CERTAIN.!!!


  1. Choki ma'am, a little big post on the uncertainty of life. True, life is always haunted by this bittersweet uncertainty but one must never give up. The best way to live this life is to be helpful and thankful to the people around us. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care. :) Keep posting. Happy blogging.

  2. Yeah i am fine. Thank you Ugyen Sir!! :D