Thursday, June 11, 2015

Undefined Love!!!

One full year!!! Yes I was in love & have been in love. I can confess i have loved many but I haven't waited, not for these long months for my other pasts. Presently My Love story started with our talks & now completely ending with my lone endurance & waiting. I have been in love for 12 exact months & more now & i am still in love. 
This may sound crazy but I am in love with my ex's friend. I am insane but sane enough to feel this feeling. I have never felt this feeling before, i have never felt so scared to move ahead hoping he will turn up despite the facts before my eyes.  Let me be clear, I met him once, only once & i don't have moments shared with him, no memories; Nothing yet I love him, unconditionally!!
Now I don't feel what I felt for him with other guys, I can't remember what I felt for guys before him, I am left in between with those mess. I don't want life to gift me better parcels too & I won't rush things up too. 
My boy, I know you will go through this & when you read it, remember my daily diary are filled with those same feelings everyday with you in it. I know Heart is one insisting organ of our body & it wants what it desired. This is the fact &  neither can I blame you nor myself because this was what got written in my forehead. It's easy to swear letting him go but harder than a rock to forget that face & smile that got captured in my heart during that short gathering. 
I may be the first insane girl owning up to love a guy & waiting for him but what do I do??? Those feelings are choking & suffocating me not finding an exit. 
& this will be my last love-wait note for him here (I can't stop pouring my feelings in diary, though 󾌬) 
So as i have already waited, let me wait for you Lil more till life knots my heart with another, for the flow of life defines me now!!

I ♥ you!