Monday, April 25, 2016

Love People & Use Things. Let Peace Prevails...

Life is too short to be hating someone from your past or present. Yes it happens sometimes because "I" is an egoistic & unenlightened word & we are humans. We get frustrated & try to get back at whoever hurt you but alas where does that lame egoistic ego leads you, NOWHERE!
Be it love or friendship betrayal, You once enjoyed each others company but because of our own fate gets departed. No one is to be blamed rather than fate but FATE; who sees it.
Life is to enjoy, so fall in love, leave if it don't works, forgive quickly & most of all understand PEOPLE. We get too engrossed in our own problems that we forget what others are going through.No matter what happened, I am rooted with utmost dedication, devotion & faith fullness in any kinds of bond/relationships; be it past, present, happening or happened.
It isn't really hard to love & forgive those who hurts you.You will find peace forgetting the hatred & befriending them. (I swear because I know the feeling). 
I don't believe in making enemies; I believe in befriending!  

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