Thursday, July 7, 2016

Haunted House!

"This house is haunted" my new friends told me after 1 or 2 weeks of my arrival here. Then they narrated me the whole story about the house & why it is believed to be haunted. 

I am afraid of dark & that story added to my fears but you won't believe what I did. I picked up a prank & said that the spirit who is haunting that house was my friend whenever we cross that house. I didn't mean it, I don't even know who resided there. Whenever I say that, my friends would laugh & I would brushed it off my mind. 

One day while we were crossing that house, I started my same old prank. I stared at that house & added, "what are you doing up" & reckoned to my friends that he was looking at us. (There wasn't anybody though). I know this went too far. Even my friend scolded me for being bold to say that & one of my friend told me never to repeat such things for the lingering souls may really befriend me. That lingering-soul-befriending-me scared me enough to stop the prank playing to my friends, actually to myself. 

I never again played that prank but the consequences were already on my shoulders. I had the scariest dream ever. 

 "Tshering, Tshering" I tried waking up my friend but let alone voice, I can't even hear myself whispering. I might have been in a sub-conscious mind because I wasn't able to tell whether it was real or just a dream. Suddenly I felt it, (it- because I don't know whether it was him or her). 

A huge blackish thing above me & I feel suffocated. I reached out my left hand to push that thing away but it bit my finger, It was so realistic yet unrealistic. I was confused; I tried waking up my friend again but in vain. Frustrated I pinched her & she slowly stirred. By then I was wide awake. Instantly that thing vanished. I told her my nightmare & requested her not to sleep but the next minute she was off to her dreamland. 

The next night we slept in my room. I had my instinct telling me not to sleep alone. With lights off, we slept but the moment I began to doze off, I heard a whisper, "Chokey" it says. " "Chokey" louder this time. It kept calling out my name. I looked out, raising my head out over the quilt. 

Nobody!!!! Yet I can feel something in the room, someone, its like someone's dashing from a corner to another in the darkness. I don't know whether I was asleep or wide awake the whole time. My friend's fast asleep & the caller won't stop calling out my name. 

I forcefully woke her up & asked her to switch on the lights. I was too scared to wake up & look around. 

Same nights followed for a week. I would dread the nights. I didn't feel like sleeping. I asked remedies from my friends & they told me many things which I couldn't understand. I was really sick of that sickness. I told my brother to do something & yes my younger brother who is a monk told me i will be okay. Like he said I was okay that night. He told me he did a ritual for me. 

I didn't know what that sickness was. Was that really sickness or Was that the consequences of playing a prank on someone who died or Was that solely my own insane feelings; I never knew but now I don't even give a glance towards that house.

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  1. Actually this sorts happens to every one and I too feel the same. Nothing will happen but if you can't open your eyes during such scary dreams, you will die.