Thursday, July 7, 2016

Haunted House!

"This house is haunted" my new friends told me after 1 or 2 weeks of my arrival here. Then they narrated me the whole story about the house & why it is believed to be haunted. 

I am afraid of dark & that story added to my fears but you won't believe what I did. I picked up a prank & said that the spirit who is haunting that house was my friend whenever we cross that house. I didn't mean it, I don't even know who resided there. Whenever I say that, my friends would laugh & I would brushed it off my mind. 

One day while we were crossing that house, I started my same old prank. I stared at that house & added, "what are you doing up" & reckoned to my friends that he was looking at us. (There wasn't anybody though). I know this went too far. Even my friend scolded me for being bold to say that & one of my friend told me never to repeat such things for the lingering souls may really befriend me. That lingering-soul-befriending-me scared me enough to stop the prank playing to my friends, actually to myself. 

I never again played that prank but the consequences were already on my shoulders. I had the scariest dream ever. 

 "Tshering, Tshering" I tried waking up my friend but let alone voice, I can't even hear myself whispering. I might have been in a sub-conscious mind because I wasn't able to tell whether it was real or just a dream. Suddenly I felt it, (it- because I don't know whether it was him or her). 

A huge blackish thing above me & I feel suffocated. I reached out my left hand to push that thing away but it bit my finger, It was so realistic yet unrealistic. I was confused; I tried waking up my friend again but in vain. Frustrated I pinched her & she slowly stirred. By then I was wide awake. Instantly that thing vanished. I told her my nightmare & requested her not to sleep but the next minute she was off to her dreamland. 

The next night we slept in my room. I had my instinct telling me not to sleep alone. With lights off, we slept but the moment I began to doze off, I heard a whisper, "Chokey" it says. " "Chokey" louder this time. It kept calling out my name. I looked out, raising my head out over the quilt. 

Nobody!!!! Yet I can feel something in the room, someone, its like someone's dashing from a corner to another in the darkness. I don't know whether I was asleep or wide awake the whole time. My friend's fast asleep & the caller won't stop calling out my name. 

I forcefully woke her up & asked her to switch on the lights. I was too scared to wake up & look around. 

Same nights followed for a week. I would dread the nights. I didn't feel like sleeping. I asked remedies from my friends & they told me many things which I couldn't understand. I was really sick of that sickness. I told my brother to do something & yes my younger brother who is a monk told me i will be okay. Like he said I was okay that night. He told me he did a ritual for me. 

I didn't know what that sickness was. Was that really sickness or Was that the consequences of playing a prank on someone who died or Was that solely my own insane feelings; I never knew but now I don't even give a glance towards that house.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Get a brain, If not a heart!

"I LOVE YOU" is not just a simple mere word, it carries the deepest meaning & greatest responbilities of meaning what you said & showing what you said was true. Its sad to see people not regretting what their "i love you" took other peoples life into. Moreover its disgusting to hear "I am a Boy/ Man!".

Does a Boy/Man have every right to play with woman's feeling & Life???

Does being a Boy/Man doesn't have to go through Karma??

Does being sorry gets everything back to Normal??

Does not being sorry change anything that has Happened??

Does saying 'i didn't mean it' really change the whole situations???
These days people are more intelligent but as we grow more intelligent, we are becoming worst than a animal & becoming into animal is people's choice, definitely not a Fate! 
I hope i don't hear people saying "Its Fate" when they are finally done with that fake feelings. I hope i don't see that Irritating smile on their faces even after knowing what they did was wrong. I hope each and every one of us know how to clean our messy deeds & pick up that responsibility we have shouldered our self with!
Get a brain, If not a heart! So that you know how it hurts, How it feels to cry yourself to sleep every night, How it feels to hold that burdened heart inside every day & what it means to be a WOMAN!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Love People & Use Things. Let Peace Prevails...

Life is too short to be hating someone from your past or present. Yes it happens sometimes because "I" is an egoistic & unenlightened word & we are humans. We get frustrated & try to get back at whoever hurt you but alas where does that lame egoistic ego leads you, NOWHERE!
Be it love or friendship betrayal, You once enjoyed each others company but because of our own fate gets departed. No one is to be blamed rather than fate but FATE; who sees it.
Life is to enjoy, so fall in love, leave if it don't works, forgive quickly & most of all understand PEOPLE. We get too engrossed in our own problems that we forget what others are going through.No matter what happened, I am rooted with utmost dedication, devotion & faith fullness in any kinds of bond/relationships; be it past, present, happening or happened.
It isn't really hard to love & forgive those who hurts you.You will find peace forgetting the hatred & befriending them. (I swear because I know the feeling). 
I don't believe in making enemies; I believe in befriending!